Five years. Five websites.

We have been serving Chattanooga for 5 years. We are extremely thankful for your support. We are now looking to give away 5 websites to organizations that impact the local community in a significant way.

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Chattanooga Marketing Clinic

Five years later... We are giving away 5 websites

We have been serving the small business community for 5 years now and are extremely thankful to the local Chattanooga community for all the support throughout the years. As a sign of our gratitude, we would like to take this opportunity and give back by designing 5 websites to organizations that make the most impact (or potential impact in the case of a startup) on the local community. Other words, we will design 5 websites at no charge to the recipient organizations as long as they meet the below criteria.

RECIPIENT organization or Project will be:

Based in Chattanooga

Your organization or project, be it a non-profit or for-profit organization, is eligible for this giveaway as long as it is impacting or is located in the greater Chattanooga area. Exceptions may apply. (see next point)

Focused on Impact

While the number of impacted individuals is important, the focus here is the depth of the impact. We are referring to impact (or potential impact in case of a startup) your organization has or will have on the community.

In Need of Website

The recipient organization will show a significant need for a new website. It may be looking to build a brand new website or rebuild an existing one. If questions arise, we will make sure to reach out to you to clear out the details.

questions you may ask

What is the deadline for application submission?

November 30. Please submit your application by the end of November.

Nonprofit or for-profit?

Both. This giveaway is not limited to the form or legal structure of your organization.

Do we care about the color of your skin or sexual orientation?

No, silly! In fact, we will take into account the diversity factor when making the decision. We love seeing diverse groups of individuals having success in Chattanooga.

My organization or nominating others?

Both. You can fill out the application form providing the needed information whether it is your organization/project or you are looking to nominate someone else.

Submit your application

Once the form is submitted, we will be in touch with you regarding the status of your application as well as if we need any additional information

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