About Cresco Group

Cresco Group is a Chattanooga, TN, based business and consumer integration and marketing company that provides an array of consulting and marketing services to business, non-profit, and governmental organizations. We specialize in consumer integration, business optimization, and strategic marketing.

Why we do what we do?

We are most excited about turning good intentions and ideas into reality. Seeing your product or service grow into dynamic brand or organization is what gets us up in the morning. To accomplish this, you need a solid business and consumer integration plan and its further methodical implementation. And this is where we come into play.

We help organizations that have dynamic ideas, innovative product, or energizing vision with their business integration and marketing needs.

"Cresco" in Latin means:

Cresco [cres-co] n.
1. to come forth, to be.
2. to arise, to spring (from)
3. to be born
4. to become visible, to be great
5. to thrive, to increase, to multiply
6. to ascend
7. to attain, to be promoted

Business Philosophy

  1. We generate and offer only win-win solutions
  2. We provide only highly effective products and services
  3. Our commitment to professional excellence is uncompromisable
  4. Best in class customer service is our priority
  5. Timely and transparent communication while conducting business
  6. Double and triple check before execution
  7. We will be there when you need us


Cresco Group will deliver superior value to its customers, employees, business partners, and shareholders by making their interest Cresco Group's top priority in conducting any business. We see Cresco services and brands become market leaders in quality and innovation.

Our Team

Anton Demenchuk

Founder and Master Mind
"Let's stop talking about success and start talking about providing value"

Miroslav Popesku

Business Development Pro
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Chrisitna Estevez

Social Media Magician
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Mikhail Velichanski

E-commerce and Web Guru
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Yan Khristov

Web Design and Development Wizard
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Skigh Boursiquot

Photography Virtuoso
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From the Founder and CEO

Anton Demenchuk Cresco Group CEO

Dear Customers, Partners, and Friends
Mahatma Gandhi said, "Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth". At Cresco Group, we strive to pay our rent by serving individuals and organizations in a variety of ways that benefit their most crucial needs and business objectives.
I hope you had a chance to learn about our company and why we do what we do. As you may already know, there is a number of ways we are currently engaged in the lives of small mid-size businesses both in Chattanooga, TN, and worldwide. There are various ways you and us could work together. Please take a look at the Services section of the website to learn more about the way we can help grow your brand or organization.

Sincerely yours,


Anton Demenchuk, MBA
Founder and CEO