Every organization needs a different level of support. One organization may have one or more full-time employees working on business integration and marketing. In this case, this organization may only need guidance and consulting type of support when it comes to these areas. On the other hand, another organization may not have in-house marketing director and staff to execute their marketing initiatives and instead chooses to focus its efforts on its core competence. One way or the other, we are able to help you grow your product or service into a dynamic brand or organization. We will be there for you when you need us. The following are the ways we could work together. We call them Cresco Collaboration Frameworks. We have designed these frameworks with your needs and flexibility in mind.

Option 1: Consultant

In this scenario, Cresco Group will serve largely in the consulting capacity making sure you get your questions answered as they arise. Regular strategic review sessions are scheduled as needed. This Collaboration Framework is ideal for:

On-demand consulting

Given your organization has the needed in-house staff to run and execute the needed initiatives, we will be there for you providing the needed support as well as updating you on the most up-to-date market and consumer trends. We will provide the following type of support:

Option 2: Support System

In this case, we will help you plan and execute the need initiatives including user experience mapping, process optimization initiatives, marketing campaigns, and needed maintenance. We will make sure to outline the scope of our involvement making sure all the key partners and staff are in sync. This Collaboration Framework is ideal for:

Strategy development and dynamic execution

We will be your part-time COO and Marketing Director making sure your strategic course is set and needed initiatives are being put into action. Cresco Group will help you design and drive the needed business and consumer integration programs and campaigns. We will provide the following type of support:

Option 3: Strategic Partner

This collaboration framework is for startups and other organizations looking for a partner/stock-holder organization that would align itself with existing long-term business objectives ultimately driving long-term results. In this case, Cresco Group becomes your long-term partner with an equity position or commission arrangement in your existing or future organization. This Collaboration Framework is ideal for:

Invested interest

Cresco Group takes complete ownership of business and consumer integration as well as marketing components of your organization. We become the party responsible for driving growth in your organization. We will provide the following type of support:

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